BE ALMAÍ Gold Detangling & Dressing Out Duo


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Achieve salon results at home with the BE ALMAÍ detangling and dress out brush.
  • A must have tool for use on both wet and dry hair, the detangling and dress out brush is recommended for fast and effective styling on mid to long hair.
  • Specifically designed for detangling longer lengths without generating static, this brush easily lets you create straight and sleek blowdrys.
  • For more efficient drying, we recommend blast drying your hair until 80% dry prior to brushing out completely. Then proceed to brush hair from roots to ends while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer for a smooth finish.
This double ended comb is the perfect duo tool for detangling damp hair and dressing out curls into polished or tousled waves.
  • The straight pronged design at one end allows for the delicate detangling of damp hair which is fragile and more prone to damage. Take damp hair into sections and work through starting at the ends through to the roots. Hold each section as you comb to avoid causing any unnecessary stress to the root area.
  • Following styling with the BE ALMAÍ Wave & Curl Wand, use the wide tooth end to glide through any curls that have been created, dressing these out to your desired finish.

United Kingdom / Northern Ireland – £4.99

Republic of Ireland – £5.99

Local Pickup – Free

Are these products suitable for all hair types? 
Yes our products have been designed to ensure versatility… Suitable for all hair lengths, long hair to above shoulder length… 

Does the heat glove come with the wand? 
Yes certainly, the heat glove is essential for creating effortless waves with ease- it is included with all wands….

What is the difference between using your comb and your brush? 
Our comb breaks up your curls to create soft waves, and our boar brushes smoothes out your waves, removing any frizz and creating a flawless finish…

(Both can be used on wet or dry hair)

What temperature would you recommend to wave my hair with? 
The temperature on each wand is adjustable, this is extremely beneficial for ensuring good hair condition… I would recommend trying 170-180degrees (only requiring holding each wrapped curl for 10seconds)

Is it better value to buy the sets? 
Yes there is a 10% saving whilst purchasing any set.

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